Let me say this

Let Me Say This

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Let Me Say This…

These blog posts are usually carefully curated, thoroughly researched, and extremely well thought out. I try and make the content SEO friendly without sacrificing integrity. Hopefully, the amount of energy and effort that it takes to produce content that is theologically sound and culturally relevant is apparent.

This will not be one of those carefully curated blog posts. This was supposed to be a theological essay on the spirituality of Beyonce. But sometimes you have to make a pivot. Why? Because I’m tired, frustrated, confused, disappointed, and angry. 

So I didn’t outline a hermeneutically sound argument. I’m just going to speak from my heart. I hope you will indulge me.

I’m Tired…

Let me say this. I’m tired of having to explain why not obeying police orders shouldn’t be a death sentence. The entire American system of government is predicated on checks and balances. Do we really want the police to be judge, jury, and executioner?

I’m Frustrated…

I’m frustrated at the fact that whenever a situation like Jacob Blake happens, there are people who immediately start to search for something nefarious in their past. Listen, we all have things that we’ve done that were wrong. Very few of us deserve to die for them.

I’m Angry…

When I see Kyle Rittenhouse with an illegal obtained AR-15, being driven across state lines, being allowed to leave the crime scene IN COOPERATION WITH THE POLICE…I’m angry. I’m angry that the police seem to be able to restrain themselves when it comes to certain people but are very trigger happy when it comes to black people.

Let me say this. Folks give the, “Why didn’t he just…?” line, and it’s starting to make me physically ill. These are the same folks who probably would have said, “It’s a shame what happened to that Emmit Till boy, but he shouldn’t have whistled at that white woman.”

When the police chief says that the protesters would not have gotten shot if they were not out after curfew, I’m angry. My first thought was “wasn’t Kyle himself out past curfew?” My second thought was “is breaking curfew grounds for execution?”

I’m Confused…

Why do some people believe that murder is an appropriate response to property damage, but property damage isn’t an appropriate response to murder? Why are some “people” – like Ann Coulter – praising Kyle Rittenhouse as some sort of hero? People started crowdfunding for his defense and got to almost $50,000 before it was shut down.

The definition of racism is more than just not liking someone because of their skin color. It speaks to systemic and institutionalized victimization of entire peoples based solely on their race. I’m confused about how white people, who have NEVER been institutionally condemned because of their race, have now become experts on what is and is not racism.

But Mostly I’m Disappointed…

I’m disappointed in my right-wing, Evangelical Christian brothers and sisters. They seem to have put politics before the commandments of Jesus Christ: love God & love people. Those who should be fighting alongside us have instead decided to turn a blind eye and I’m disappointed.

I’m disappointed that they have made abortion the hill they will die on, but view racism as a “personal sin”. I personally know of a white pastor who was fired from his church because he preached against racism. WHAT?!?! Is this the church of Jesus Christ?

I’m disappointed in the “Uncle Ruckus’s” of the world. Black people who allow themselves to be used as pawns, but who ultimately don’t get invited to the party.

Let Me Say This…

I’m disappointed that the Church has allowed racial equity to be a political issue. “Treat all people fairly” isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a left-wing rallying cry. All people on either side of the aisle should be in agreement that racial equity is the goal. Why is this statement so divisive?

Speaking of divisive statements, why is “Black Lives Matter” so offense to people? I wrote about the difference between the statement and the organization in “Black Lives Matter: Should Christians Support?” But honestly, I should not have had to. Why is us mattering received with such hatred from certain factions of society? What did we do?

It is my earnest prayer that those who are so vocal in their stance against the Black Lives Matter movement and organization are just as vocal in their disapproval of the circumstances that led to the creation of the movement and organization in the first place.

In Spite of All of This, I Remain Hopeful

Let me say this. My hope is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of that, I’ll never be defeated. His is a Gospel of liberation, freedom, equality, and equity. I’ll continue to use this platform to show how the Word of God is for liberation and not against it. (Check out “The Christian Response to Injustice”.)

Not only that, but people give me hope. There are far too many to name, but here are just a few. I may not agree theologically with all of these people, but I can recognize that we’re in the same fight.

Tobe & Fat Nwigwe give me hope. Ted Winn gives me hope. Tamika Mallory gives me hope. Shaun King gives me hope. Candice Benbow gives me hope. Talbert Swan gives me hope. Emmanuel Acho gives me hope. Scott Volland & Carl Lentz give me hope. April Ryan gives me hope. William J. Barber gives me hope. Kimberly Latrice Jones gives me hope. Gary Chambers, Jr. gives me hope. Danyelle Thomas gives me hope. Torrey Fingal gives me hope.

Jesus Christ is my hope.

I’ll close in the now immortal words of Representative John Lewis

Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Our struggle is not the struggle of a day, a week, a month, or a year, it is the struggle of a lifetime.

I’m trying, sir. I really am trying…

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