Hey There, I’m Torrey Fingal, Founder of "Black Saved & Smart"

I started this project out of an abundance of concern over the treatment of minorities in the United States. While there are many great voices speaking out against institutional and systemic racism, I noticed a segment of individuals who had an internal conflict. I noticed because I used to be one of them.

I’ve been in church all of my life. My parents were very active in ministry, which means that my siblings and I had to be as well. We grew up in a predominantly African-American suburb of Washington, D.C., we went to predominantly African-American schools, a very black (and very Caribbean) church, and had very black friends. I went off to New Orleans to attend Xavier University of Louisiana (a historically black university). For me, blackness was ubiquitous as was Christianity.

It wasn’t until I went off to college and took some science classes (my degree is in Chemistry) along with philosophy, history, and sociology that I learned that there were some black people who viewed religion as dangerous to the black community. There were some people who believed that science was antithetical to religion. There were huge segments of the population that thought that if you believed in science you could not be Christian, and if you were Christian, you couldn’t be pro-black.

I started this blog to give voice to the people who reject these notions. This is to empower those who know that they can be black, brilliant, and Christian. We will ask hard, thought-provoking questions that challenge (and possibly dismantle) our views of American Christianity. 

Our journey will be challenging, but fulfilling.